Frequently Asked Questions

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What is IT Infrastructure Management Services (IMS)

” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”caret” anchor=”” class=”fancy”]Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) are key to any company in this fast-growing digital world, especially for the Information Technology (IT) companies. IT IMS refers to effective building and maintenance of IT infrastructure in line with the standards and management policies.[/su_spoiler]
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How IT infrastructure services help your business?

” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”caret” anchor=”” class=”fancy”]IT Infrastructure services ensure adaptability to the changing environment and enhance smooth flow of information across the value-chain. These services facilitate effective change management policies and practices. Adhering to the standards, they also offer enhanced interoperability between organizational and external entities.[/su_spoiler]
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What does Veritis offer to its clients?

” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”caret” anchor=”” class=”fancy”]Veritis offers key IT infrastructure consulting services including Data Center Services, End-User Services, Application Support and Services and Network Management, and many handful of sub-services under every offering. Veritis value proposition includes Scalability of services, Customizable delivery model and Optimal pricing, among others.[/su_spoiler]
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Why Veritis for IT infrastructure services?

” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”caret” anchor=”” class=”fancy”]Do you know investment in infrastructure management can have the single largest impact on any organization’s revenue? Veritis IT Infrastructure Consulting Services offers you a handful of Services that help you adopt emerging technologies, reduce IT operational challenges and boost efficiencies, contain operational and management challenges, and leverage cloud capabilities to improve business efficiency. Overall, Veritis aims at ensuring reliability, maintainability, availability and end-user satisfaction through a process-driven approach.[/su_spoiler]
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What kind of projects fall under this services?

” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”caret” anchor=”” class=”fancy”]Any project that requires efficient infrastructure management fall under IT infrastructure services, ranging from wide range of sectors such as government, manufacturing, telecom, banking, insurance, retail and healthcare, among others. Our extensive pool of IT Infrastructure Management specialists can help you create, run and manage the next generation IT Infrastructure.[/su_spoiler]
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What are our different IT Infrastructure Service Offerings?

” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”caret” anchor=”” class=”fancy”]Data Centre Transformation, Management, Security, Services and Migration Services, among other Data Migration services; Desktop Virtualization Services, Messaging and Collaboration Services among other End-user services; ITSM, Middleware and Database, among other Application Support services; Network Optimization and Security and Software-defined Network among other Network Management Services. Click here for more details.[/su_spoiler]
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What is Remote Infrastructure Management?

” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”caret” anchor=”” class=”fancy”]Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is a process in which an organization’s IT infrastructure is completely or partly managed from a remote location. This is suitable for organizations where the entire physical infrastructure and the IT management are not in the same area. Especially, in big companies that have different functional areas in distinct locations.[/su_spoiler]
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Why demands are increasing for Remote Infrastructure Management System?

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  • RIM reduce costs on IT infrastructure maintenance and failures as it allows you to control almost 85% of your organization’s infrastructure components.
  • Managed services have been dominating the technological industry for almost a decade. Likewise, the demand for RIM has also seen an increase.
  • The IT industry has surpassed 3.7 Trillion in 2015-16, making the demand for IT related services increase.
  • With an expected growth of 12.5 compound till 2020 the IT industry is likely to look towards more managed services.
  • Put together, the hardware, software and services sectors hold 59% of the market stake of the overall IT industry which makes it crucial for the overseeing of their proper functionality.
  • It was estimated that by 2018, 60% of IT vendors will be offering managed services which is more or less the case.

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What are business benefits of having RIM?

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  • Centralized Management

    With the introduction of RIM, Infrastructure management is no more a process that involves a lot of manpower or takes a lot of time. Centralized management makes controlling all of the managed services central to where the business operations are held. It eliminates the distance between the organization’s physical location and the IT management.

  • Minimizing System Downtime

    System downtime can prove to be fatal, leaving business operations seriously affected. RIM drastically reduces system downtimes with timely and effective addressing of IT infrastructure hang-ups. And with an IT management service in-house, why stay hanging with a system malfunction?

  • Automation-Reducing time, efforts and costs

    Infrastructure automation has immensely transformed the way we work today. With automation in place, systems and technologies run as planned and help us shift our focus to what matters most. Automation enables systems run independently even in the absence of resource persons.

  • Real Time Monitoring

    RIM gives a firm’s management, a complete picture of the organizations IT network. Centralized monitoring enables tracking and management of the work environment. This helps in optimizing performance to better business operations.

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How RIM Works?

” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”caret” anchor=”” class=”fancy”]Remote Infrastructure Management has developed into one of the most needed solutions for businesses these days. In the face of changing market trends and cut-throat competition, business cannot afford to keep overseeing the proper functioning of systems or invest every now and then in revving existing infrastructure. Therefore, companies are turning to RIMS that offers automation configuration, enhanced connectivity and bandwidth, upgraded security processes and active engagement of experts. Both IT personnel and consumers can connect easily and make use of an agile platform that can be tailored to suit your business needs.[/su_spoiler]
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Why Veritis for Remote Infrastructure Management?

” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”caret” anchor=”” class=”fancy”]Veritis team focuses on enabling the best service provision through remote monitoring and managing of infrastructure. By doing this we contribute to running a smooth working environment for you. With the latest remote monitoring consoles, dedicated RIM experts and excellent capabilities in dealing with monitoring and managing applications, databases, servers and devices, we are more than ready to deal with the challenges that threaten your business. [/su_spoiler]
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Where can I reach out for Veritis IT infrastructure services?

” open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”caret” anchor=”” class=”fancy”]Solutions> Infrastructure Services page gives you a detailed description of Veritis IT infrastructure service offerings. Contact Us for more details.[/su_spoiler]