Top 18 US DevOps Conferences to Attend in 2021!

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Top 18 US DevOps Conferences to Attend in 2021!

As organizations increasingly adopted remote work in a cloud environment amid the pandemic, DevOps has become crucial in automating processes to support seamless remote collaboration. It has helped businesses navigate the crisis by facilitating agile development practices, automated testing, and application and infrastructure flexibility.

And the organizations that have leveraged robust and evolving DevOps practices demonstrated resilience amid the crisis and thrived in the new normal.

Every year, numerous DevOps conferences share the latest trends, practices, frameworks, platforms, and skills in DevOps. Participating in these conferences will help stay abreast of the latest DevOps trends and gain a competitive advantage.

As in 2020, we have brought you the list of best DevOps Conferences in 2021. Whether you are looking to know the latest trends in DevOps, hear from top experts, or discuss with other technology leaders, there’s a DevOps conference for you.

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Of course, 2021 looks a bit different, with many conferences being held virtually in the wake of the pandemic. Mark your calendars.

Here are some of the top DevOps conferences (on-premises, free and virtual) in the US in 2021:

DevOps Conferences

1) Agile, Testing & DevOps: The Evolving Scene

Twitter: @UNICOMSeminars
Date: February 10-11, 2021
Venue: Virtual
Cost: USD 130 to USD 400, plus VAT

This conference aims to inspire, teach, and connect IT professionals worldwide, especially in the United States and Europe. It features discussions on DevOps, continuous integration testing, cloud-based performance testing, agile software testing, web services testing, agile test management, and behavior-driven development.

2) DevOps Days

Twitter: #devopsdays or @devopsdays
Dates: February – October 2021
Venue: Across the world (some virtual)
Cost: Varies

As in every year, the DevOps Days conference is back again to gather developers, operations professionals, and managers to discuss DevOps.

It mainly focuses on DevOps automation, testing, security, and organizational culture. The event locations and schedules in the USA are:

  • Texas – March 2-3,
  • Boise, ID – April 6-7
  • Raleigh, NC – April 8
  • Seattle, WA – May 4
  • Minneapolis, MN – July 20-21
  • Dallas, TX – August 25-26
  • Houston, TX – September 21-22
  • Boston, MA – September 27
  • Nashville, TN – October 28-29

3) SKILup Day: Cloud-Native and Serverless

Twitter: #SKILupDay
Date: February 25, 2021
Venue: Virtual
Cost: Free

Open for DevOps practitioners and IT professionals, this conference features discussions on building and running applications in cloud-native and serverless environments.

4) Microsoft Ignite

Twitter: @MS_Ignite / #MSIgnite
Date: March 2-4, 2021
Venue: Virtual
Cost: Free with registration

Microsoft Ignite is back again to connect developers, IT professionals, technical team leads, software architects, decision-makers, engineering directors, project managers, and many more. The conference aims to enable attendees to explore the latest tools, receive in-depth technical training, network with peers and experts in the field, and get their queries resolved by Microsoft experts.

Ignite features sessions on a wide range of topics, including architecture, development, implementation and migration, deployment, operations and management, access management and compliance, security, and usage and adoption.

5) SKILup Day: Agile Transformation

Twitter: #SKILupDay
Date: April 22, 2021
Venue: Virtual
Cost: Free

This one-day virtual micro-conference focuses on agile transformation and agile software development methodologies. Developers, operations professionals, and IT experts are welcomed for this conference.

6) PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit

Twitter: @PSHSummit
Date: April 27-29, 2021
Venue: Virtual
Cost: USD 300

Bringing together developers and Windows system administrators, this virtual event is all about Microsoft’s PowerShell automation and configuration tool. It features over 20 presentations by PowerShell and DevOps experts worldwide, including Microsoft’s PowerShell team members, on maximizing PowerShell in the workplace.

The attendees can discuss and learn the latest DevOps principles and practices in a cross-platform environment and make new connections.

7) KubeCON + CloudNativeCon Virtual 2021

Twitter: @CloudNativeFdn / @KubeCon_ / #CloudNativeCon
Date: May 4-7, 2021
Venue: Virtual
Cost: TBA

Sponsored by the Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the four-day conference brings together experts in cloud-native applications, microservices, containers, and orchestration. It features discussions on Kubernetes, OpenTracing, Prometheus, Linkerd, Fluentd, CoreDNS, gRPC, containerd, and CNI.

8) Continuous Lifecycle Online

Twitter: @ConLifecycleLon
Date: May 11-13, 2021
Venue: Virtual
Cost: TBA

This three-day conference focuses on DevOps, containerization, continuous delivery, and agile. The experts in the field will share their practical experiences and help attendees learn the best ways to reorganize Dev and Ops teams, gain insights about ChatOps, and improve their containerization strategies.

Developers, architects, operations and systems engineers, CTOs, cloud-native developers, DevOps practitioners, infrastructure specialists, and QA professionals are welcomed to this event.

9) DevSecOps Days

Twitter: @DevSecOpsDays
Date: May 17, 2021
Venue: Virtual
Cost: TBA

Focused on discussions related to adding Security to DevOps, this renowned conference connects the industry’s leading security experts, developers, and DevSecOps practitioners. At the event, attendees can gain insights about implementing security, automating security, overcoming challenges in DevSecOps, and scaling security best practices.

10) GlueCon 2021

Twitter: @gluecon / #gluecon / @defrag
Date: May 18-19, 2021
Venue: Broomfield, Colorado, USA
Cost: USD 995 to USD 1,295

The two-day conference is open to developers, architects, DevOps engineers, executives, and team managers. The discussions will be focused on DevOps, APIs, edge computing, serverless, containers, blockchain-driven applications, microservices, and the newest tools.

11) DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES)

Twitter: @ITRevDOES
Date: May 18-20 (Europe), October 5-7 (USA)
Venue: Virtual
Cost: USD 650

DevOps Enterprise Summit is the conference for the leaders and decision-makers of large, complex organizations. It features ad hoc discussions among the keynote speakers on technical and architectural DevOps practices. Developers, IT operations specialists, CxOs, software architects, and systems and network admins are welcomed for the event.

12) LISA21

Twitter: #lisa21 / @LISAConference
Date: June 1-3, 2021
Venue: Anaheim, California, USA
Cost: TBA

Organized by the LISA (Large Installation Systems Administration), the Usenix, and the Advanced Computing Systems Association, the conference is a vendor-neutral meeting for the global system administration community. It features heavy training sessions on designing, building, securing, and maintaining the critical systems of our interconnected world.

The event is open to sysadmins, systems engineers, SRE practitioners, IT operations professionals, IT managers, developers, and academic researchers.

13) ChefConf

Twitter: #ChefConf / @chef
Date: TBA
Venue: Virtual
Cost: TBA

With almost a decade-long history in DevOps conferences, ChefConf is back again to gather the global DevOps community to learn, share, and network. It features technical workshops, training sessions, keynotes, and discussions by top Chef experts, DevOps leaders, and IT innovators.

14) Agile + DevOps West

Twitter: #AgileDevWest / @TechWell
Date: June 6-11, 2021
Venue: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Cost: Free to USD 999

The conference features presentations by industry experts on insights on how to better leverage agile and DevOps concepts. At the event, the attendees will find thought-provoking keynotes, heavy training classes, engaging tutorials, and sessions.

The conference is open for agile teams, digital transformation teams, Devs and Ops teams, testers, and managers.

15) Monitorama

Twitter: #monitorama / @Monitorama
Date: June 21-23, 2021
Venue: Portland, Oregon, USA
Cost: USD 700

This popular conference brings together top leaders and experts from the open-source development and operations communities. It features discussions and learning about the tools and techniques used in some of the largest web architectures and monitoring and observability in software systems.

Developers, operations professionals, DevOps experts, performance testers, and site reliability engineers are invited to the conference.

16) DevOps World

Twitter: #devopsworld / @devopsworldconf
Date: September 29-30, 2021
Venue: Virtual
Cost: Free

DevOps World is coming back virtually to bring DevOps thought leaders, developers, software practitioners, managers, and leaders across the world to one place. It focuses on keynotes, sessions, in-depth training courses, and technical workshops on DevOps.

17) The DEVOPS Conference

Date: March 23-24, 2021
Venue: Virtual
Cost: Free

The DEVOPS2021 is coming back for the 7th time to connect everyone in the DevOps ecosystem, including engineers, programmers, designers, managers, and executives.

The event features discussions on agile transformation, continuous integration, continuous delivery, DataOps, DesignOps, compliance, security, and management.

18) DockerCon

Date: May 27, 2021
Venue: Virtual
Cost: Free

Focused mainly on Docker and its support for distributed apps built with containers, this conference provides the platform for the global Docker community to gather and connect with peers around the world. The event features demos of products and innovation and in-depth technical sessions from Docker experts from across the industry.

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So, DevOps professionals, mark your calendars and make your choices – now!

No matter which DevOps conference you choose, you will gain great insights about DevOps’ latest research, practices, and strategies from the global experts and thought leaders.

Register and dive into the world of inspiration, learning, and networking!

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