Global Cloud Infrastructure Spending 2018: AWS Holds 32% Share!

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Global Cloud Infra Spending 2018: AWS Holds 32% Share!

Amazon – the world knows about it as the market’s leading eCommerce portal with a wide range of products. But to the IT world, Amazon is Amazon Web Services (AWS), and there is a strong point in saying so!

Amazon made its foray into the cloud computing market through its arm AWS.

AWS, as a cloud infrastructure service, did not take much time to generate a multi-billion-dollar business and be a major profit-driver for Amazon.

So, it’s not surprising that AWS accounted for USD 7.4 billion in revenue and held around 60 percent share of Amazon’s USD 3.8 billion operating profit in Q4 2018.

AWS made Amazon one of the leading firms to capitalize on the cloud-first trend, making remarkable progress in the cloud infrastructure services market.

Global Cloud Infrastructure Spending (2017-18) (in USD Billion)

Service Provider 2017 2018
AWS 17.3 bn 25.4 bn
Microsoft Azure 7.4 bn 13.5 bn
Google Cloud 3.5 bn 6.8 bn
Alibaba Cloud 1.7 bn 3.2 bn
IBM Cloud 2.6 bn 3.1 bn
Others 22.4 bn 28.3 bn

Do you know? AWS held a 32 percent share of the global cloud infrastructure services spending in 2018, followed by Microsoft, Google, Alibaba and IBM who shared 33 percent of the USD 80 billion market.

Global Cloud Infrastructure Spending (2017-18), by Provider 2017 Vs 2018

Source: Canalys

According to Amazon’s CFO Brian Olsavsky, AWS holds its presence across a “very balanced group” of customers, ranging from start-ups to small businesses, large enterprises and public sector.

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