DevOps Implementation: 4 Steps to Success

DevOps is simply the fusion of development and operations, two of the most significant IT verticals, and it offers an entirely new viewpoint on how software development is carried out. By relying on a culture of cooperation and collaboration among all organizational functions, DevOps principles implementation enables an organization to deliver software faster, better, higher quality, and more excellent reliability.

However, it demands the adjustment of established programming procedures and significant cultural shifts. But it’s not as simple as it seems; let’s explore the challenges preventing DevOps implementation from moving forward.

Here’s an infographic about DevOps implementation:

DevOps Implementation: 4 Steps to Success


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DevOps Implementation: Four Steps to Success

DevOps is becoming increasingly popular among businesses everywhere, which strongly indicates its potential to be a crucial enabler of scaling.

The main goal of implementing DevOps is to create a cultural shift that enables development and operations teams to communicate and operate together efficiently.

1) Automation of Every Software Build

  • Merge new tested solutions with the existing master branch

2) Release Automation Using Continuous Deployment

  • Create an automated deployment of the tested deliverables
  • Code should be tested in various environments
  • A staging or production environment should receive the new build
  • Conduct deployment testing
  • Perform performance tests
  • Enable live use of the application

3) Building a Code Repository

  • Seamlessly integrate Developers’ ongoing commitments
  • Purge any out-of-cycle updates from the repository with a pull request
  • Recognize and compile all dependent code
  • Scripts for integration testing and the pre-build unit should be automated

4) Integrating Continuously

  • Combine code created by multiple developers with automation

DevOps is more than simply an endeavour; it’s an expedition to continuously enhance an organization’s procedures and culture to provide customers with higher value and satisfaction and improve business results. Contact Veritis, the Stevie Award Winner for DevOps services, to embrace your productivity.

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