Overall IT Infrastructure Monitoring in Telecom

By Veritis

Overall IT Infrastructure Monitoring in Telecom

Client Information

The client offers a range of networking services that include ethernet and voice services for small, medium and big-sized business. It possesses an expertise in dealing with customers from the education, healthcare, hospitality, financial services, professional services, retail, government, stadium owners and more sectors for over 50 years.

Client Requirements

The client required a full-fledged monitoring of their infrastructure and network devices with the help of the team offering open source monitoring solutions within the applications and products.

Also, the customer needed the team to monitor nodes/services across the heterogeneous environment to help keep the IT infrastructure up and alive, and to trigger alerts to the respective people at times of a bad signal.

Veritis Approach

Veritis enabled the client to automate the IT platform to ensure smooth functioning of processes without the need for intervention from users who use the client’s products and services.

Client Challenge Areas

The client had to monitor instances across different data meters (regions). Additionally, monitoring plugins needed to be deployed across the data centers.

So, the deployment process was automated using Ansible and the on-premise data centers were slowly migrated to public clouds like AWS, OpenStack for high availability and fault tolerance.

Key Responsibilities Held:

  • Creating and maintaining users, user profiles, security, rights, disk space and process monitoring
  • Writing Shell and python scripts to automate the deployments
  • Creating automated processes with custom-built Shell scripts
  • Maintaining inventory of all servers (Solaris, RHEL) when needed
  • Dealing with JIRA as a bug tracking tool
  • Gaining expertise in file system concepts LVM, SVM, creating new file systems, increasing and decreasing file systems, mounting file systems, unmounting file systems and troubleshooting disk space issues. Efficiency in installing, configuring and implementing the RAID Technologies.
  • Implementing a continuous delivery pipeline with Docker, Jenkins and GitHub and AWS AMI
  • Gaining hands-on experience with administration, maintenance and operations of different AWS cloud resources and management tools like EC2, EBS, Security groups, ECS, S3, CloudFormation, AutoScaling, LoadBalancer, Command Line Interface, IAM etc.
  • Gaining experience in configuring, managing and fine-tuning cloud infrastructure in AWS
  • Handling deployment coordination across teams
  • Developing and maintaining scripts for deployment automation to multiple environments
  • Implementing Ansible for the deployment of custom scripts to the remote servers
  • Working effectively in configuring and managing monitoring tools like Nagios and OP5 monitoring
  • Handling MYSQL database for the database backup for the future reference and stored the backup file in AWS S3 bucket

Environments Used

RHEL 6.x, Solaris, Shell, Python Scripting, Ansible 2.2.2, Jenkins 2.x, GIT, Nagios, Op5 Monitoring 6.x/7.x, AWS and Apache Tomcat 6.x/7

Value Delivered

Veritis team of developers helped the client is setting up OP5 to monitor the infrastructure and network devices, to trigger alerts in case of network downtimes, monitor instances across different datacenters and mainly automate the platform.

Overall, Veritis provided IT Infrastructure services and Cloud services to monitor and automate the platform and moving on-premise data centers to the public cloud.

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