IT Infrastructure Support to Telecom Service Provider

By Veritis

IT Infrastructure Support to Telecom Service Provider

Client Information

The client is a multinational telecommunications service provider. Hailing from the telecommunications and mass media industry background, the client has been actively into mobile, digital media, broadband, fixed-line, telematics, Internet of things, among other vital services. It has an employee base of more than 100,000 personnel.

Client Requirements

The client required an all-round IT infrastructure consulting support to offer uninterrupted services to its wide range of consumer base using its TV applications in real-time.

Veritis Approach

As part of the project requirement, Veritis team of IT infrastructure experts performed the following tasks:

  • Tier-3 support specialists identified the client’s application-side issues impacting the customer service and analyzed the logs from the end-user devices to find the root cause.
  • After identifying the concerning issues, the Veritis team of technical experts escalated the same to the development team for further analysis to implement a fix to address the issue.
  • Cloud Migration to AWS through Re-Platform strategy. Cloud services integrated ELB EBS, S3, RDS, SNS, ECS and CloudWatch.

Client Challenge Areas

Some of the key challenges addressed include:

  • Application crash while resuming the download of a movie
  • Addressing application playback issues caused due to switching networks
  • Error while adding customer preferences to the application service

Key Responsibilities Held
Veritis team of technical experts performed various key responsibilities as part of the project.

Some of them are:

  • Monitor, analyze, troubleshoot and implement corrective actions of delivery systems
  • Work with Development teams to resolve ongoing bugs related to services
  • Communicate with front-line support groups and in some instances, with the customer to triage bugs/issues
  • Resolve network problems and outages
  • Work with network team to improve network performance
  • Fix communication issues between the router and mobile devices using Genie API
  • Use IT management dashboards to monitor the file systems memory and service alerts
  • Monitor authentication-related dashboard for alerts on Content Delivery Network (CDN) errors, processing errors and Quality of Experience (QoE) errors
  • Monitor and configure performance tools within the industry’s leading IT management tools

Environments Used

AWS, ONT, Unicast/Multicast, QoS, QoE, Home-Routers, CDN, Medius, Science Logic, Callsign, Solarwinds, Graphana, Logstash, Kibana, Splunk, PVT, TCP/IP, DNS and FTP

Value Delivered

Veritis team of experts played a vital role in finding key issues impacting service and escalated for a quick fix, thus stopping an issue turning into an outage. Our service also helped the client increase their application reliability mitigating the streaming issues, making their services customer-friendly.

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