IT Infrastructure Support to Staffing and Services Industry

By Veritis

IT Infrastructure Support to Staffing & Services Industry

Client Information

The client is one of the industry leaders for IT staffing and services. It has sourced more than 75,000 IT professionals for over 5,550 IT setups across three continents. The client’s insight assists job providers meet the right workforce, which is key in driving business goals.

Client Requirements

As per the client requirement, Veritis team of experts offered managed IT Infrastructure services including support server operation and maintenance involving Linux, Redhat, Solaris and AIX OS technologies.

Veritis Approach

Veritis assisted the customer with support server operation and maintenance. Our team also automated day-to-day tasks and troubleshoot issues encountered by application and database teams related to the servers. Our experts decommissioned one server and built a new server to accommodate more storage.

Client Challenge Areas

The client was unable to purchase large amounts of storage, which was very crucial to the new project. To tackle this problem, Veritis team of experts had to decommission an existing server and build a new server.

Key Responsibilities Held

  • Installed, upgraded and maintained the platform leverage and operating systems, and provisioned new servers according to hardening standards
  • Performed regular server patching and firmware upgrades to ensure code levels are maintained to standards
  • Monitored and responded to system alerts to avoid system outages and participated on team 24X7 on-call rotations
  • Handled break-fix tickets and worked to restore service during server disruptions
  • Provided capacity planning and system performance analysis to ensure the service levels are consistently met
  • Supported application, security and infrastructure driven projects
  • Engineered technical server-based solutions and developed and documented implementation plans to meet project requirements

Environments Used

Ansible, ServiceNow, SolarWinds and BMC Patrol

Value Delivered

The client is now able to conduct smooth business operations owing to Veritis aiding through support server operation and maintenance and addressing issues like unavailability of storage space and automating everyday tasks while troubleshooting issues encountered by applications and database related teams.

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