IT Infra Support to Automotive Fleet Management Industry

By Veritis

IT Infra Support to Automotive Fleet Management Industry

Client Information

The client is an automotive fleet services provider for small and medium businesses. The client’s wide range of fleet management services include sales, leasing, financing, maintenance, inspection, reporting, disposal and replacement of a wide variety of automobiles such as vans, trucks and cars, among others.

Client Requirements

The client required a full-fledged IT infrastructure services and solutions to facilitate its business and workflow. The client sought Veritis’ technical consulting support for the effective management of its core application.

Veritis Approach

As part of the project, Veritis team of IT infrastructure experts worked on the application that is key to the management of the client’s business, operations and workflow.

The offering by Veritis brought out ease in the functioning of the core application used by the client’s employee base (majorly the Account Managers, Account Executives and Customer Service Representatives) to create and maintain the customer information and their corresponding operations.

Veritis team of Java experts also worked on another application called a spring boot application used by the client’s employees to add products to the vehicles that a customer leases or owns from the client. Through this app, the client also has the flexibility to allow its user to add a product to the vehicle and also configure the product information in line with the requirement.

Client Challenge Areas

Some of the key challenges Veritis faced in dealing with the project include:

  • Design decisions to optimize the application and to implement the technical huddles as per the business need in a timely manner
  • Providing inputs to improve team performance
  • Learning and implementing new technologies at the right time
  • Technical challenges while working with new APIs in terms of their implementation

Key Responsibilities Held

The optimization part of the application that Veritis team of developers, infrastructure and database experts helped the client in saving a lot of money and time.

It used to take 25 min to create a lease for a customer. However, the application project Veritis team worked with, optimized the feature under a concept called Proposal allowing the user to create hundreds of leases in just a matter of five minutes.

Environments Used

  • Java/J2EE to develop the application
  • Frameworks like Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript as part of the daily development process
  • Tools like JIRA to track the stories
  • Bamboo for monitoring CI builds of the application
  • Oracle WebLogic Server as the application server and Oracle SQL developer to write the SQL queries to perform database actions

Value Delivered

Overall, Veritis enhanced the functionality of this legacy app helping the user to easily configure and place orders in line with their customer demands. Eventually, the client could implement the new features to optimize their in-house application because of Veritis timely technical assistance.

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