IT Infra Security and Server Maintenance Key to Financial Services

By Veritis

IT Infra Security and Server Maintenance Key to Financial Services

About the Client

The client is a globally-renowned financial services provider in the telecommunication sector. Through its wide range of network services, the client offers enhanced security solutions to financial institutions and also facilitates ways for standard and reliable financial transactions. Their product line includes software and related services to the financial institutions. Because of its efficient services and wide global presence, the client’s products have in fact become industry standards for the majority of financial telecommunication services and applications.

Client Requirements

A well-planned IT infrastructure and virtualization services resulting out of Production Security Operations (PSO) and efficient server configurations along with extended security baseline.

Veritis Approach

The key objective of this project is to configure client servers in line with the Baseline Tool (BTL), and Minimum and Extended Security Baseline, for a secured infrastructure and an efficient server infrastructure.

Over the six-month-long project that involved around 200 servers, Veritis team of experts implemented a standard approach of generating generic scripts to save time and avoid the complexity of running entire servers manually on around 90 servers.

Though around 10 servers were operated manually in the initial stages, all the common solutions were grouped to form the script that can be run on all servers.

Technical expertise with regard to LINUX and UNIX operations forms one of the key Veritis offerings to the client for this project.

Through Veritis services, the client could achieve addressed security risks and non-compliant issues.

A Snapshot of Services Delivered:
Overall, Veritis services to the client as part of this project include:

  • Minimization of security and non-compliance issues
  • Generating timely reports on status of servers
  • Checking server compliance with BTL
  • Ensuring effective server configuration
  • Manually change staging servers as and when required
  • Securing infrastructure
  • Generate server scripts to minimize manual operations

Key Challenges Addressed

Infrastructure security and effective server maintenance are two major challenges of the client addressed through this project. Due to a lack of lower-level environments such as Dev and QA, we had to implement the chain straight to the live servers. The number of security alerts sent by the Red Team is another notable challenge addressed.

Platforms and Environments Used

Physical and Virtual Servers, Red Hat, Solaris, Splunk, TPAM, Salesforce, IAM, Jabber, Outlook and IOD were among key tools and technologies used for this project.

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