Implementing DevOps for IT Infra and VM-to-Cloud Migration in Electronics Industry

By Veritis

DevOps for IT Infra and VM-to-Cloud Migration in Electronics Industry

Client Information

The client is one of the global giants offering including electronics, computer software and online services. With a sound expertise in dealing with hardware and software services electronics and multimedia fields, the client has earned a huge reputation for its innovation, high-quality productivity and highly-professional applications.

Project Details

The project involved the implementation of DevOps practices and tools for enhancing IT infrastructure and cloud computing capabilities. The client required full-fledged infrastructure support for enhancing its existing cloud environment and to ensure seamless cloud services to its user base without missing the Service Level Agreement (SLA). The project demanded migration to cloud infrastructure.

Veritis Approach

As part of the project, Veritis team of DevOps including Site Reliability Engineers worked on the client’s private cloud so as to strengthen the client’s overall cloud infrastructure. For this, Veritis team of technical experts incorporated the in-house expertise on cloud environment by involving configuration tools such as Puppet and Ansible, bringing in their hands-on experience on scripting of Perl, Python, Ruby and Shell languages and application deployment.

The robustness of the project was also backed by efficient support from the in-house Linux administration and troubleshooting solutions.

Migration of the client’s old Virtual Machine (VM) environments into the cloud infrastructure was one of Veritis’ offerings to the client under this project.

Challenge Areas

Some of the key challenges faced during the project implementation include:

  • Migration of applications without downtime
  • Setting up applications on newly-procured VMs
  • Assigning of IPs through CloudStack and error out once assigned. This was achieved through blocking of the TCP port 7

Key responsibilities held:

  • Manage the Monitoring Tools
  • Manage the Linux Configuration task and changes using the Puppet/Ansible
  • Troubleshoot Linux issues
  • Install and configure application servers
  • Procure new Virtual Machines (VMs) through the dashboard in Cloud Infrastructure.

Environments Used

Key technical environments and tools used as part of the project include: Monsoon Cloud, Puppet, Ansible, Jenkins, Apache Tomcat, CloudStack, MySQL, Oracle, Linux 6/7, Jenkins, Gerrit/GIT, Python, Perl, Ruby and Shell

Value Delivered

Overall, Veritis team of DevOps, Cloud and IT infrastructure experts helped the client achieve overall migration to cloud from their existing Virtual Machines (VM) environment.

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