Development, Database and IT Infra Support to HR Industry

By Veritis

Development, Database and IT Infra Support to HR Industry

Client Information
The client is an expert in Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions. With a wide range of Human Resource and related offerings, the company earned wide recognition with penetration across more than 50 industry verticals and millions of users in more than 200 countries.

Client Requirement
The client required a full-fledged database, disaster recovery, OS development, server maintenance, network and the other key administration tasks for its existing operating software and hardware models.

Veritis Approach
As part of the project, Veritis team of technical experts including developers, database experts and Linux system admins performed a wide variety of tasks covering IT infrastructure, Virtualization and Cloud computing solutions.

Some of the key approaches Veritis dealt with include:

  • Take care of long-term Oracle Disaster Recovery project
  • Solaris OS building and fine-tuning for Oracle databases
  • Investigate and decommission all the old Solaris servers
  • Network troubleshooting tasks with protocols that include TCP/HTTP/HTTPS and DNS
  • Review and define Solaris best practices
  • Day-to-day system administration tasks

Overall, Veritis team of experts delivered key services pertaining to development, administration, server and troubleshooting services in line with the client’s requirements.

Client Challenge Areas
Some of the key challenges encountered as part of the project include:

  • Setup Data Recovery systems for Oracle databases in four datacenters
  • Reinstate all the Solaris systems with the valid software and hardware support from Oracle
  • Proper decommissioning of all the old and not-in-use Solaris systems.
  • Ensuring the system admin support for both Linux/Unix systems in test as well as production environments

Overall, the team had to face challenges while coordinating with different teams spread across different regions of the client’s global offices.

Key Responsibilities Held
To ensure the project’s success, Veritis team of experts have undertaken some key responsibilities, which include:

  • Taking the full responsibility of system administration
  • Troubleshooting the on-going incidents and find the appropriate solutions
  • Monitoring both test and production systems for any issues
  • Preparing documentation of the best practices that need to be followed for the efficient implementation and high availability of the systems

Environments Used
Service Now, JIRA, SolarWinds NPM/SRM/VMAN, UCS, VMWare, are among key tools and technologies used as part of the project.

Value Delivered
Overall, Veritis’ database, development, IT infrastructure and other efficient backend and frontend services helped the client in ensuring the high availability of its services to its end customers.

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