Cloud Migration and IT Infra Support to Multimedia Industry

By Veritis

Cloud Migration & IT Infra Support to Multimedia Industry

Client Information

The client is one of the leading audio entertainment companies and offers various genres of music, news, entertainment, and more on its 150+ channels. It has interviewed and spoken to many prominent musicians, singers and industry-changers. The client also provides connected vehicle services that include a network of security and convenience services for customers.

Client Requirements

  • To migrate the entire system to AWS cloud and develop a microservices-based architecture using SpringBoot/Drop Wizard
  • To develop an eCommerce-based solution to enable car drivers/owners to order food and the ability to park vehicles by finding available parking place monitoring through the head unit itself
  • To provide NextGen enhancement requirements provided by FCA/Nissan & Infiniti and other OEMs
  • The ability to setup amazon mobile delivery to cars
  • Reduce manual effort in finding and fixing production issues by making systems scalable as well as a bug-free distributed.

Veritis Approach

Veritis helped the client in moving their operation base to the cloud and created a framework that enabled eCommerce-based networking. We also made the system scalable enough to reduce manual efforts in identifying and fixing production issues. Additionally, bug fixes were made to ensure a smooth circuit of services.

Client Challenge Areas

  • Helped in setting up AWS IoT on Raspberry Pi and NGINX server communication while creating initial architecture for an e-commerce-based solution.
  • Worked on performance analysis for REST/Soap web services by creating automation utility through Groovy scripts, which in turn, improved the turnaround and transaction time for all services by making necessary code changes with code quality and right design pattern principles
  • Helped in developing the Terms and Conditions document management system using microservice architecture and by dockerizing the service
  • Created mock services by going the extra mile with proactiveness for Amazon mobile delivery service POC
  • Implemented POC with containerization of microservices using Docker and deployed it across platforms and sharing of information between containers

Key Responsibilities Held

In a nutshell, Veritis developed software applications for the telematics industry/wireless mobile environment. We also played crucial in developing high-performance, scalable and fault-tolerant applications written in Java. We worked as a team to design, develop, test and maintain the Software platform.

  • Analyzed, designed and implemented backend software solutions of varying complexity
  • Provided guidance and input to the lead and junior team members on using industry standards, frameworks and emerging technologies to implement high-performance, scalable and fault-tolerant applications
  • Played a key role in the project’s software development effort including providing expertise for schedule estimation, functionality, integration and deployment activities
  • Played the role of Java “Guru”- a subject matter expert for the entire SW Team. As such this role requires that our software expert be able to advise the team on best practices, not limited to architecture and design for optimum performance
  • Deployed subscription and publication models
  • Provided technical mentorship and guidance to junior team members of the team
  • Displayed the ability to research and provide guidance on ESB trends and strategy
  • Displayed excellent knowledge of Java REST and SOAP-based web services
  • Provided well-written design documents from requirements documents (even loosely specified requirements)
  • Worked on transaction management using EJBs in the implementation of web services.
  • Configured the spring batches as crone apps to run based on specific time intervals in UNIX under crontab
  • Supported existing software including the development of enhancements, defect resolution, determining and resolving performance issues, debugging, upgrading and migration
  • Participated in coordinating/conducting software engineering activities to make the software infrastructure mature including architecture, design, methodologies, best practices and standards, etc.

Environments Used

  • Spring boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate/JPA, Spring JDBC, Spring IOC/AOP
  • AWS EC2, ECS, VPC, EBS, Docker, Drop wizard, SoapUI, GIT, Jenkins,
  • Angular4, Html5, Css3, REST, Soap, AWS IOT, MQTT
  • Oracle, MongoDB, IntelliJ, JIRA, Outlook, Rasberry PI, Perl, Groovy, Android, Microsoft SQL Server, Confluence, AgileCraft, Structs2, JSP, Servlet

Value Delivered

The client was able to generate more revenue and learned new ways to resolve technical issues in a more cost-effective manner thanks to our technical expertise with various technologies like groovy, Siebel, MQTT, RabitMQ, Splunk along with microservices architecture.

Also, we provided internal team technical sessions on new skills which in turn improved team productivity achieving more results in less time.

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