Real Estate IT Business Infrastructure with BI Analytics

By Veritis

Real Estate IT Business Infrastructure with BI Analytics

Client Information

The client is a globally-renowned commercial real estate firm majorly into real estate services and investment. With nearly 500 offices globally, the company has a good client base spread across more than 100 countries. The firm’s services portfolio includes a range of services involving capital markets, brokerage and property management, among others for commercial real estate players.

Project Details

This project is intended to support the client’s business through effective IT infrastructure solutions with prime focus on Financial Performance Optimization(FPO) and overall Business Intelligence (BI). With the inclusion of a wide range of new-age technology solutions and data warehousing methods, the project was intended to gain all-round information on BI & Analytics of the client’s business, with special emphasis on financial and HR reporting.

Veritis Approach

Veritis team of technical experts followed a robust approach to avoid data discrepancies and enhance data visualization within the client’s business through the full-fledged optimization of the client’s financial performance and resource analytics with the help of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE).

Challenge Areas

The key challenges were encountered in dealing with data discrepancies, which the Veritis team of OBIEE developers/consultants addressed using Fit-Gap Analysis, thus eliminating data gaps.

Key responsibilities held:

Some of the key responsibilities held as part of the project:

  • Determining business requirements with analysts and business users
  • Planning limitations on the visualization
  • Modeling data designs, data tables and customized Repository Database (RPD)
  • Self-organizing tasks through sprint plans and delivering tasks/backlogs accordingly
  • Assisting the client with thorough testing on system upgrade to Oracle DB 12c and OBIEE 12c
  • Creating dimensional hierarchies for Dimensions, Aggregates and level-based measures in Business Model and Mapping (BMM)
  • Managing the existing data-level security on business units, functional units, and managing office
  • Improving dashboard and reports performance to <10 secs and suggesting ETL teams to create performance optimization queries, custom SQL from source to target mappings
  • Designing and developing custom scripts (HTML, CSS) within OBIEE for better visualizations
  • Triggering and debugging increment loads using Informatica, DAC on Daily basis and Full-Loads on weekly basis
  • Working closely with finance and resource management teams in defining finance and other
  • Creating and updating several technical documents such as Data Lineage spreadsheets, DW, ETL and OBIEE Trackers, Technical Specifications, Test Case documents, repository utility documents and Catalog Reports

Environments Used

OBIEE 12c/11g Tools, PeopleSoft Finance/HR, Informatica, DAC, Star-Schema/Snow-Flake Schema, TOAD, SQL Developer, Oracle 12c/11g DB, BI Publisher, Data Visualization, XML/HTML/CSS/JavaScript, JIRA and Putty.

Value Delivered

Overall, Veritis team of technical experts specialized in Business Intelligence helped the client achieve overall efficiency in their business functioning through effective optimization of their planning and finance.

Coupled with sound technical portfolio, Veritis team fulfilled the client requirements by means of collaborative work, advance/on-time delivery, bug-free reporting and good Return on Investment (ROI). In a nutshell, project timelines and ROI form the key benefits offered to the client helping them in planning effective business strategy.

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