IT Infrastructure Automation for Financial Operations

By Veritis

Automating IT Infrastructure Solutions

Client Information

The client is a leading global insurance firm involved in risk assessment and financial services. The company caters to insurance-related service requirements of various industries including construction, healthcare, education, energy, technology, transportation, financial institutions and public entities, among others.

Client Requirements

Enhancing infrastructure capacity and management through automation.

Veritis Approach

Veritis offerings, with respect to IT infrastructure management services, include service monitoring, data security, deleting, safeguarding and management of data, secure provisioning, addressing configuration patchworks and server automation processes, among others.

We fulfilled the aforementioned client requirements by provisioning or facilitating developer requirements, resulting in an effective IT infrastructure automation.

Following are some of the key processes we successfully implemented:

  • Our team of experts including Chef developers, architects and managers developed cookbooks for various platforms such as web app servers, Apache Tomcat servers, Red hat and windows servers using public and private clouds.
  • Using Chef, our DevOps engineers performed day-to-day operations that support the automation of builds, deployments, testing and infrastructure (infrastructure as code).
  • We developed Chef Recipes to configure, deploy and maintain software components of the existing infrastructure.
  • We developed different types of cookbooks. For instance, we had developed one from BASE PACKAGES for an application to Big Cookbooks that automate and make ec2 instances or virtual machines on a single click.
  • We created a pipeline wherein, we built images in Docker and pushed them to our local repository called Jfrog Artifactory and further integrated it with Kubernetes and Jenkins to run the tasks.
  • Uploading the data to our chef server manually in the initial stages, we moved on to create a pipeline that automatically runs the ruby scripts in Jenkins and get the data to Chef Server. This, in fact, is one of our major implementations for this specific client.

Value Delivered

With sound expertise in IT infrastructure services, Veritis delivered end-to-end infrastructure support.

Key Deliveries:

  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Spinning Servers
  • Server Monitoring
  • Web App Requirements

During the entire delivery cycle:

  • On a regular basis, we configured Chef servers, Chef workstations, Chef nodes and performed bootstrapping of new infrastructure Chef nodes.
  • On a weekly basis, we covered timeline of events and performed various troubleshooting tasks to ensure all the needed requirements are met.
  • Overall, we ensured full-fledged infrastructure support by providing all the necessary tools and servers that addressed the challenges in building and running applications.

Environments Used

Chef Tools, Service Monitoring Tools, Private and Public Clouds, CS Modules, Trend Micro, CS Modules, Blade Logic, to name a few are some of the major tools we used. Major technical stack involved includes Docker, Kubernetes, Chef, Jenkins and Terraform.

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