Why Should Your Growing Business Need IT Virtualization?

By Veritis

Why Should Your Growing Business Need IT Virtualization?

In a world where change is the only constant, holding on to obsolete technology will only keep you coming back to an endless cycle of glitches and downtimes.

With some major advancements in information technology like cloud computing and IT virtualization, the world has moved from running large-physical technologies to using light-weight and non-space-consuming technologies that are redefining the operations and successes of fast-paced businesses.

And if your business is in dire need for something similar, then Virtualization is your go-to solution because of its convenient infrastructure management, cost-effective approach, energy conservative usage, and space-freeing features. To understand the concept better, let’s first take a look at a simple definition below.

Virtualization is the creation of virtual versions of physical components such as computer hardware platforms, storage devices, and computer network resources.

Business Benefits of IT Virtualization include:

1) Reduced Expenditure – When it comes to expenditure, Virtualization comes as a savior to costs that business owners invest in areas such as new equipment expenditure, clearing floor space, energy consumption and much more. It is believed that virtual platform eliminates 80% of the organization’s floor space. Also when physical hardware heats up, it tends to heat up the atmosphere for which owners have to incur additional cooling equipment costs.

2) Because Time Equals Money – Virtualization seeks to address the time-concern by reducing the time taken to move your organization’s IT infrastructure off the physical realm. Moreover, as the need and usage of the platform increase, users have the flexibility to customize their virtual environment. Furthermore, virtualization offers IT personnel the flexibility to test software and work on testing environments without engaging too many precious hours and personnel in case of a downtime.

3) Security Matters, Minus the Hassles – Virtualization is quick to handle downtime, especially when system crashes can cost you the billions. By moving to a virtualized platform, your entire network will be back to normal in shorter than an hour. There are many softwares that work effortlessly with your virtual platforms to do this for you and the fact that you are no longer dependent on physical hardware drastically reduces system downtimes.

4) Scalability Just Like the Cloud – Organizations are bound to grow with increased business prospects and competitive markets, leading to the installation of added hardware and software. This, in turn, seeks additional space, which is not possible in an already-existing repository of huge machinery. Virtualization eliminates any need for added physical infrastructure and propels your business in a seamless way while providing it the much-needed push to take on this big business risks.

5) Being Application-Ready – Virtualization drastically improves application performance allowing you to be up and ready to go with daily activity. Yes, we are very dependent on our software and applications so much that, we become crippled in their absence. And in an event when physical servers have problems, routine maintenance and upgrades can cost us precious hours and important business turnarounds. With virtual servers to the rescue, applications can be quickly moved between hosts to keep business function normally. And centralization by server virtualization is ever to the rescue with smart and timely identification of error zones.

Business Benefits of IT Virtualization Services

The demands of the present business world push us to look for Virtualization solutions for our ever-evolving businesses and if we have to run with our competitors, then yes! Virtualization is a must.

Solutions like DevOps, Cloud Computing, Remote Infrastructure Management, and Virtualization have been developed to assist us in our pursuit of always staying at the forefront of the market. With a knowledge of the benefits at hand such as the aforementioned, we can make informed purchases and be assured of managing and eliminating several hectic functionalities.

Virtualization is neither a scene from a sci-fi movie nor a futuristic vision, it’s the future that IT experts had predicted and we are part of this reality!

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