Why Managed Services? A Glance At Emergence, Present And Future!

By Veritis

Why Managed Services? A Glance At Emergence, Present And Future!

Technology is ever-evolving, and every new technology strives to make room for itself and thrives on the demand and changing customer needs.

As mention, we know how Cloud models transformed/ are transforming the IT world. The flow did not stop there!

DevOps evolved to change the way software development happens, and teams work in an IT environment.

Further, every organization is now striving to gain a competitive edge in the digital race, and Digital Transformation is making the trend!

Likewise, technology solutions and services keep the business running. And, who stand in parallel to this race emerges as the winner!

But catching up to the changing trends is not that easy while focusing on core business objectives.

As an organization, you would need additional support. This is where you require a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Let’s understand how the MSP culture evolved from past to present and headed to:

The Rise of MSPs

The Rise of MSPs

Before MSPs arrived, the IT support from an external service provider was happening through the ‘Break/Fix’ model.

Wherein, an IT expert will address your problem when you need it and makes billing only for that specific requirement.

As the industry evolved, the subsequent rise of cloud adoption took IT outsourcing to the further level demanding organizations to seek continuous support and close monitor.

Moreover, IT infrastructure is changing in complexity with scalable features, demanding continuous optimization and maintenance.

All these led to the rise of Managed Service Providers (MSP).

MSP At Present

MSP At Present

Increasing internet usage and fast-expanding digital adoption clearly shows the scale we are at and headed to.

Moreover, changing customer preferences places organizations in a competitive environment where customer satisfaction is the top priority.

For this, the industry remains focused on continuous improvement and enhanced productivity.

Meanwhile, the significance of remote working and the need for increased collaboration among teams presents another scenario, driving the demand for advanced network connectivity to ensure seamless operations.

These factors drive the MSP demand for managing automated tasks, risk management, technology implementation, strategic decision-making, business continuity, and more.

As the surveys show, around two-thirds of cloud users use some level of managed services in the current day. This is where MSPs stand in the present day context!

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What MSPs Offer?

What MSPs Offer?

Managed Service Providers have a wide range of benefits for you. Some of the major ones include:

1) Access To Technology

Given the short-lived nature of fewer technologies, planning and expenditure on such initiatives are hurdles for most organizations. This is directly linked to the predictability factor and often incur more capital spending. MSPs help you here by offering access to ever-changing technology trends in a cost-effective manner.

The roadmap laid by MSPs helps you create a planned expenditure and make informed decisions.

2) Compliance and Security

The regulatory process around various aspects of data is becoming stringent. Securing user/confidential data has become crucial for companies and governments too. Given this reason, compliance holds high significance in every organization today. Here is where MSP can help ensure your organization meets compliance and safety regulations without fail.

Achieving compliance avoids hefty regulatory fines and builds a business-customer relationship.

3) Domain Expertise

As an organization, you focus on what means to enhance your organizational capabilities. But for an MSP, the activity is to stay informed about the entire industry landscape and changing trends.

Given this fact, an MSP can offer you the expertise you want in the desired area/domain/technology. Moreover, they bring along the experience they gained through previous implementations.

4) Scalability

In a break-fix model, the engineer or an expert only addresses your challenge for that particular instance. What if the problem arises again? You will have to call back, and this naturally results in additional expenditure. Whereas, MSPs scale your performance to the changing needs and keep you updated, enabling your abilities to up or downscale as per your business needs.

With options tailored for your exact business requirements, MSPs allow you to pay for what you use and give you cost savings.

5) Continuous Availability

Round-the-clock support is a tough task to even think about. This is when personnel might hold back and cause cost escalation. MSPs address this concern by taking over complete responsibility for your IT infrastructure in terms of maintenance, scaling, and security. Disaster Recovery, timely backups, risk resolution, are some ways that MSPs adopt to ensure your infrastructure safety.

There are many such ways that MSPs can support your business. It all depends on what you need and how prepared you are for the next change!

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The Future of MSPs

How Managed IT Services Help Industry

The best thing recommended for MSPs to remain competitive in the modern context is to stay updated and often abreast of the changing trends.

The advent of advanced technologies like AI, IoT, Edge Computing, and more, which revolve around data, makes a strong case for MSPs.

So, Data can be a crucial part of MSPs’ current and future offerings. Another area is security, the most pressing matter for most organizations.

Implementing robust cybersecurity through compliance and risk management, Identity Access Management, among others, stand crucial for MSPs if they want to be crucial players ahead.

Beyond these, MSPs got due attention in the COVID-19 crisis, in the form of business continuity, remote working culture, and extensive cloud adoption.

Thus, MSPs hold a promising future! It’s time to gear up to tap the untapped market potential!

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