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Virtualization Services

In the past few years, the computing world has rapidly evolved from dependence on physical servers to cloud-based services and virtualization. By providing multiple capabilities which physical systems could not, virtualization has transformed the way most companies approach their business.

Virtualization technology not only looks at partitioning one machine into several virtual machines, but also combines multiple physical resources into a single virtual resource. Each virtual machine can interact with other devices, applications, users and data independently. Different virtual machines can run multiple applications on multiple operating systems while using a single physical computer’s resources.

Why Adopt Virtualization Consulting?

By facilitating the move from a physical to a virtual server environment, consulting service providers enable client organizations with several advantages. Some of the key services a virtualization consulting partner can deliver include:

  • Lesser Overhead: Companies can focus their spending on security and software as the requirement for purchasing physical servers decreases. With virtualization, the need for a large server room with independent cooling system running 24/7 is eliminated. Lesser physical equipment also implies lesser maintenance.
  • Faster Deployment and Redeployment: Whenever a physical server crashes, it can be rebooted or redeployed by using virtualization in minutes. The virtual-snapshots feature in virtualization enables quick redeployment with minimal downtime. Improved disaster recovery is another prominent feature.
  • Quicker and easier backups: Virtualization enables faster full-data backups than individual physical machines. It also offers advanced features such as live migration, where servers can be moved across the network without shutting them down. This, in turn, helps in increasing uptime and is useful for functions like print, email or storage servers.
  • Easier Transition to The Cloud: Implementation of virtualization makes an organization’s move to the public cloud seamless and smooth.
  • Longer Life for Legacy Systems: Maintaining legacy systems in their original condition is not only inefficient, but can also be very expensive. By containing these older applications in a supportive environment, virtualization makes it simpler to extend their shelf life.

The Veritis Advantage

Veritis virtualization services ensure increased productivity, cost-savings and enhanced server utilization. Our expertise in virtualization extends across an extensive range of platforms, technologies and data center systems. Our services enable easier, cost-effective and faster implementation compared to deploying virtualization in-house.

Custom-made solutions, operative support and quick response time are among other major benefits of our services. We ensure faster recovery of IT resources in the event of a disaster or system failure, thus contributing to improved business continuity and revenue.

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