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Over the last few years, there has been a widespread growth in the adoption of cloud computing services by global organizations with a 50 percent year-on-year growth. However, presently there is no common framework or best practices used by companies for selecting cloud service providers. Selecting a reliable and capable service provider is vital for safeguarding a company’s applications and data.

Expectations from Cloud Consulting

Each company has specific business needs when it comes to availing the cloud consulting services. Hence, creating a checklist at the outset with specific requirements and minimum expectations from the consulting partners is essential. Requirements can range from technical, service and security-related parameters to data governance and service management.

In addition, specific environments and configurations also play a key role in determining the right providers to be entrusted with the task.

Key Challenges Encountered in Cloud Computing

Like in all other technologies, there are several issues involved in cloud computing that lead to corresponding challenges for companies looking to adopt the technology.

Following are some of them:

  • Bandwidth costs: While hardware acquisition costs are lowered through cloud computing, expenditure on bandwidth costs increases considerably.
  • Continuous monitoring: Continuous monitoring and performance supervision of cloud services are required to minimize frequent outages resulting in cloud computing.
  • Data access and integration: Data ownership and loss of data control while moving to the cloud, along with smooth integration of all the existing applications with the cloud is a major challenge.
  • Proper usability: Many companies are not clear about the utility of going in for cloud computing implementation and know-how of the technology’s value-addition to their business.
  • Migration issues: Improper data migration from the legacy infrastructure to the cloud can cause major risks and hence, a proper strategy will be required.
  • Cost assessment: Proper cost assessment is difficult owing to the scalable and incremental nature of cloud services.

How Veritis addresses the Cloud Computing Challenges

With our extensive experience we are well-positioned to be an ideal cloud consulting partner and assist customers end-to-end in all their cloud computing requirements. We provide a range of technology services that span across consulting, development, testing, support and customization.

Our process begins with a detailed analysis of your objectives in adopting cloud services. We follow a well-planned consultative approach in helping you define the cloud infrastructure and offer our technical expertise.Security and privacy are two of the most critical challenges faced by organizations adopting cloud computing, with the risk of losses from any security breaches being very high. Hence, efficient management of cloud security threats and risks is of great importance.We are well-equipped with a high level of cloud expertise for mitigating and managing all risks by enforcing precautions such as firewalls, claims-based security or other security mechanisms.

Why Veritis Cloud Consulting Services?

Veritis holds a long track record of stability and strong financial position with successful operations for over a decade. Our reliability and performance can be gauged by our track record of successfully meeting the Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) with our customers. We have well-defined processes and policies pertaining to governance, planning and risk management.

Our range of cloud services span across the public cloudprivate cloud and hybrid cloud.

Our value-added services include:

Service Excellence – Our USP

We provide advisory services on a regular basis with regard to cloud architecture, planning and engineering. Our services ensure that customers do not incur high Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) on hardware and instead can turn infrastructure costs into Operational Expenses (OPEX). This, in turn, enables you to attain a positive cash flow position than in a traditional setup.

We offer valuable insights, guidelines and best practices that facilitate the migration process to an infinitely-scalable cloud from the legacy infrastructure. In addition, we also ensure effective monitoring and optimization of your investment offering you ease in controlling your cloud usage costs.

Veritis can be an ideal partner in your exciting journey to the rapidly-evolving cloud.

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