Technology Assessment for Successful IT Implementation

By Veritis

Technology Assessment for Successful IT Implementation

Finding solution for a problem at the last minute might not work all the time and can cause serious risks to your business!

We observe many firms across every industry doing so, ignoring key infrastructure gaps that delay their actual progress.

While the technology has become integral part of every industrial process, there are still many firms that are yet to realize the IT advantage for their businesses.

Some of them even think of IT as a last option after having tried on everything else. Remember, you are in a competitive world where IT is key to success!

IT simplifies many of your internal operations bringing in a new ease in your process chain.

But building a right IT strategy that suits your business is not an easy task without Technology Assessment!

A Technology Assessment procedure reviews your organization’s existing IT capabilities, management and end performance. This assessment gives you abilities to identify the key areas of improvement and make strategic plans to fill gaps.

Technology Assessment typically assesses the following four aspects developing an IT strategy:

1) Communication


Communication is the key aspect of the success of any organization, which can be the email process, protocols, information sharing mechanism, data policies, communication tools, phone conversations, internet policies, among others. Any gap in any of the aforementioned communication processes can put you at serious risk of business failure.

2) Network


What if a sudden failure occurs in your internal network services? Gone! Communication collapses and business continuity breaks down ultimately as a result of the sudden network downtime, causing you loss of clients, time and revenue. It’s important to keep a check on applications, drivers, software upgrades and everything part of your network infrastructure.

3) Compliance


Did you ever realize that compliance is one of your organization’s key deciding factors? If not, its time! Compliance becomes a big question when you bring in some new processes into your organization, which can include technology deployments, security tools, data protection among others. Compliance is key to organizational health.

4) Technology


The assessment in this part checks organization’s preparedness for technology deployments. This involves preparing a technology roadmap and related planned investment through right technology decision-making. It is important to identify key challenge areas and suitable environment for implementation, etc. if any, that obstruct a successful technology implementation.

Summarized, a right technology assessment in place can help you:

Technology Assessment

  • Assess organizational capabilities
  • Identify technology gaps
  • Build efficient IT infrastructure
  • Plan technology investment
  • Make right technology decision-making
  • Prepare an effective IT roadmap

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Veritis holds a rich expertise in dealing with clients of different industry verticals and has recently launched its Technology Advisory Services.

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