Revolutionizing the Pharma Industry With RIMS

By Veritis

Revolutionizing the Pharma Industry With Remote Infrastructure Management (RIMS)

Positioned among 2018-19 IT industry’s leading technologies is Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS). This technology with its immense potential is writing the success stories of many businesses, right from the infrastructure-level. And in the years to come, it is yet to grow larger.

According to MarketsandMarkets ‘Global Forecast to 2022’ research report, RIMS) market size will grow to USD 41.2 billion by 2022 from USD 23.65 billion in 2017 at an annual compound growth rate (CAGR) by 11.8 percent.

With the abilities of remote access from centralized locations, with one central dashboard, RIMS is becoming a name of recall in almost every industry.

Especially, the health care and pharmaceutical industry where content management, data analytics, process management, identifying budget-friendly treatment and engagement with customers are cumbersome yet crucial to its existence.

Over the last 20 years, the pharma industry has disseminated and grown to a large extent recording an annual growth rate of 8-9 percent.

Moreover, this major industry requires an extremely reliable system that has zero scope for error and the ability to adapt to ever-changing industry standards while dealing with security issues.

And RIMS with its heavy operations-friendly features and ROI-winning scope presents these large industries with just the right solutions to oversee its infrastructure management tasks.

Let’s take a look at some RIM features that are found reliable for the Pharmaceutical Industry highly dependent on its services:

Veritis RIM Features

  • Seamless Operations: Drugs are manufactured and supplied in a clean environment and the recipe needs to be followed with utmost care. To ensure that, organizations need more than just a human management system to run such large-scale operations. RIMS with its features of manpower reduction and timely monitoring is effective for such an environment.
  • Backup & Reliance: Imagine the amount of information on drugs doctors and chemists share with people and among themselves. Other than those, sales reps are the only persons who have access to this bank of information. But nothing everything can rely on human memory. In that case, systems and technology need to come into play. RIMS goes on to take this role efficiently and saves such information for the future task force as well.
  • Security Against Threats: Like every industry, the pharma industry is eye candy for hackers and so is a worry-factor for pharma business owners. With RIMS smart security management including fixing security loopholes and 24×7 monitoring, business owners can realign focus on adding value to businesses. RIMS delivers the best security solutions within your budget’s bandwidth
  • Number Records: Financial matters are of utmost importance and keeping a record of each of them is even more. With frequent changes in government taxation, policies and accounting standards organizations need a reliable accountability system that keeps up better than human record maintenance. RIMS play an effective role in overseeing and maintaining all financial records and related tasks.
  • Friendly Customer Support: Not every employee or organization staff is equipped to handle and run new technology. In that case, RIMS personnel stand by customers in gaining knowledge on the new technology to make use of its full potential. This includes downtime and any new aspect of the technology involved.

RIMS varied the range of services and technological ease of control help business conduct operations smoothly while adding value to the organizations. Have you employed RIMS to your organizational benefit yet?

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