How Managed Service Providers Benefit ‘Manufacturing’ Industry?

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Managed Service Providers Benefit Manufacturing Industry

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have proven to be beneficial for every industry, given their ability to take over IT burden.  

This very reason puts them high on demand in the current day, as organizations are increasingly focusing on their core business aspects.  

In the process, they want someone to take over their information technology systems and drive the organization’s IT strategy.  

And, the immediate answer they have around is ‘Managed IT Services’.  

Manufacturing is one industry with mission-critical systems, complex processes and human-intensive too.  

Manufacturers must focus on core competencies to be competitive in the market.   

MSPs can be of more significant help for them in making predictable expenses, backed by strategic thinking while achieving enhanced productivity and efficiency.  

Here are five ways how MSPs can be beneficial to the manufacturing industry:  

five ways how MSPs can be beneficial to the manufacturing industry

1) Planned and Predictable Expenditure  

IT implementation is closely linked to resources and planning, where the costs of IT infrastructure management vary with organization type and size. These costs are purely dependent on labor availability, training, and downtimes.

Here is where MSPs can be helpful as they are well aware of all prerequisites required for successful IT implementation. Thus, they predict costs and help you plan your expenditure in a more planned way. Moreover, they guide you in strategic decision-making backed by predictability.  

2) Technology Implementation  

Any organization needs future-proof solutions to remain competitive. Technology has a crucial role here. While the market presents multiple options, getting in the right technology at the right time, and being updated is vital for your IT team. Internal IT teams can do this but may not keep up with the pace of upgrades and technological advancements.

MSPs are on this job always and maintain a fine balance between technology leaps and gaining access to the latest updates. So, they can get you the right technology implementation and update you with the latest upgrades to meet the changing business demands.  

3) Cybersecurity and Risk Management  

The easiest way to facilitate a technology-friendly environment is going ‘digital’. Digital platforms bring you many opportunities around IoT, cloud, smart solutions, communication, and others. But the point to be noted is the security risks come in parallel.

These technologies open an array of opportunities to explore data potential and may also expose your data to potential thefts, if not implemented properly. Because of the high-value data they have in records, manufacturing is one of the prime targets for cybercriminals.

For MSPs, cybersecurity is not an afterthought and is part of their core principles. So, take the help of an MSP to remain safe from such cybersecurity risks.  

4) More Productivity and Reduced Downtime  

Downtime is a serious issue for any industry, needless to say about the manufacturing industry that runs on mission-critical operations. A downtime on an oil rig can cost millions of dollars’ losses, a downtime in glass manufacturing may cost USD 15,000 per hour, and more such manufacturing activities pose their own set of challenges arising out of downtime events.

While smart solutions like IoT present enormous opportunities to enhance productivity, lack of maintenance, or leakage can cost huge losses too.

MSPs can address this concern because they are well-versed in all types of troubleshooting, risk, and downtime management, and can find all possible ways to enhance productivity.  

5) Compliance and Quality  

Compliance and Regulatory are two significant hurdles for every industry. Every year, a few major industry players get held in some part of regulatory barriers for failing to meet the set regulations. This is growing to be a much bigger problem as digital manufacturing takes the lead, and industries move closer to customers for customized solutions.

MSPs will be of great help at that point, as they bring automation in compliance to measure, analyze, audit, capture store, and transmit customer data more securely.  

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MSPs – A Boost To Your Value Addition  

5 MSP Benefits To Manufacturing Industry

An MSP partnership is nothing but handing over key and critical IT responsibilities of your organization to an external service provider in a subscription-based model.  

During the signed contract period, MSP will be responsible for your quality, performance, communication, and other metrics crucial for organizational growth.   

As a manufacturer, you will find the best opportunity in MSP partnership, as you get to replace legacy infrastructure with advanced ones, digital drive-in initiatives, strengthen your IT capabilities, and more.  

Moreover, MSPs’ effective planning and strategic decision-making change your IT posture as a whole and helps you make a predictable investment.  

Unlike the break-fix model, where you charged per requirement, MSPs stay with you for a longer time from detecting to finding a permanent solution to a problem.  

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MSPs help you in multiple ways such as:  

  • Stay ahead in the competition  
  • Understand market trends  
  • Save costs  
  • Make informed decision-making  
  • Enhance IT posture  
  • Laydown IT roadmap   
  • Effective corporate strategy  
  • Technology implementation and updates  
  • Reduced time to market  
  • Boosting Productivity   
  • Operational efficiency  

An MSP can offer many such business advantages, bringing ease in operations, driving productivity, and providing you a competitive edge.  Looking for one?

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