How DevOps Helps ‘Startups’? An Overview!

By Veritis

How DevOps Helps 'Startups'? An Overview!

No doubt, we are in a startup trend!

While some large enterprises have been ruling the IT industry for decades, now it’s also the time for startup firms to mark their presence with some innovation.

To hit the trend, a large number of startups are making their foray every year. But how many of them are being successful?

As the surveys say, 90 percent of them are failing and only 10 percent could make some difference.

The inability to do on-time releases, incompetence, interrupted communication, and lack of harmony with end-user are among major reasons, besides lack of cash, a market value that contributed to their failures.

They missed having one key process that can fill all the above gaps, i.e., DevOps.

How DevOps Helps Startups Technically?

Technically, five concepts of DevOps can make start-up firms more powerful than ever! They are:

1) Continuous Monitoring

This keeps the majority of failures addressed as and when they arise and lays down a path to prevent their occurrences in the future. Automation alerts for error instances and potential bugs are one way of achieving that goal.

2) Continuous Integration

Through this option, developers can easily integrate their code at its current state into a shared repository multiple times in a day. This helps them address any issues before the next phase of development.

3) Continuous Deployment

This allows you to continuously deploy code into production automatically after successful testing. This way, users get uninterrupted access and get the latest version available.

4) Automated Backup

This keeps your data secure all the time. An automated data backup and restoration addition to your staging process avoid the need to recreate if something is lost.

There are many such technical benefits that DevOps has for start-firms. You may also get on board a wide range of DevOps tools tailored for varied purposes.

Other General Benefits That DevOps Offers

Other General Benefits That DevOps Offers

Besides technical advantages, there are a good number of ways that DevOps can benefit your organization in general ways:

1) Minimization of Errors

One thing that consumes a lot of time is recovery from failure. Some product-related issues can take hours of experts’ time demotivating an innovative mindset. And, addressing the same mistakes can be more boring. DevOps alleviates this burden by delivering error-free products on time.

2) Improved Collaboration

Through the increased collaboration, there is a better understanding among teams. For example, the Operations team knows about the status of the Development side and vice versa. Increased collaboration logically ties teams together.

3) Better Product Understanding

As the different teams work closely in executing tasks, this makes it easy and lets different teams know about the product beyond their specific area of expertise. For instance, a developer may also get to know about the product’s performance at the end-user side and scale it to the changing needs.

4) Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

The most crucial part of any business success today is engaging with customers. DevOps makes the consumer part of your business improvement by taking into account the customer feedback through reporting mechanisms. All you need for a successful business is 100 percent customer satisfaction.

5) Continuous Improvement

Making an addition or change to a product often consumes more time and effort. At this juncture, your business may face interruption as you never know what direction the redressal mechanism might lead you to. DevOps flexible and agile practices make all this happen seamlessly, driving your business continuity.

6) Increased Communication

Teamwork never fails! DevOps promises business success through this core principle of increased communication among different teams. This naturally eliminates barriers and improves work productivity, while keeping the employees happier and engage in continuous learning from each other.

7) Automation

When it comes to improving productivity and minimizing the efforts, DevOps has the automation advantage for you. Automate all the possible mundane and repetitive tasks, thus saving time and efforts of your innovation team to focus on something more productive.

Surveys show organizations using DevOps spent 21 percent less time on unplanned/debugging activity and 44 percent time on innovation.

What are you waiting for?

Wait no more to get the best of DevOps for your startup initiative and achieve the never-seen business benefits in the form of:

  • 200x times more deployment frequency
  • 24x times faster recovery from failures
  • 29 percent more time on new work and more…

DevOps offers many such business advantages that can boost your overall business performance and give a competitive edge.

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