DevSecOps – A DevOps Savior to ‘Cybersecurity’ Challenge!

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DevSecOps - A DevOps Savior to Cybersecurity Challenge!

Expanding work environment in the form of remote workforce and increasing cyberthreats are posing a serious challenge to the IT industry.

The situation is getting intense causing security risks within organizations, affecting their overall performance.

A shift to digital transformation is presenting the problem in a bigger picture, as operating digitally often gives scope for vulnerability to open/malicious attacks.

On the other side, organizations are moving to new software practices like DevOps at an increasing rate, considering the significance of collaboration in achieving success in digital journey.

So, security remains a key concern across this journey!


IT industry presents a solution! As a security extension of DevOps, DevSecOps assures security in a DevOps environment.

DevSecOps – DevOps, Cybersecurity Combine!

DevSecOps- DevOps, Cybersecurity Combine!

Success in today’s market scenario relies on the time taken to market and the frequency of product release.

This is where DevOps made a difference in executing tasks under a collaborative culture, at a rate faster than before with high responsiveness.

Bringing together two different teams – Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) and platforms to deploy and test codes, DevOps contributed to the success of software delivery and enhanced business scalability.

However, security remained a separate entity, creating a dire need to integrate cybersecurity principles with the DevOps lifecycle to balance both technology and possible risks.

And, this integration should be included right from the beginning and continued across all phases of the product lifecycle as ‘security by default’, which is otherwise the ‘DevSecOps Strategy’!

How DevSecOps Helps?

How DevSecOps Helps?

DevSecOps holds the ability to combine DevOps and cloud-native security applications, thus adding a protective cover to the operating environment, over and off the network.

It brings together DevOps and security teams, and its success relies on creating a culture that encourages cross-team collaboration and innovation.

The big difference that DevSecOps makes can be realized only when the process outcomes and metrics are aligned with the organization’s security goals. These metrics can be the time taken to fix patches, speed-up coding and testing processes, time to respond and recovery, and more that are key to DevOps.


Security can no more be a separate entity and DevSecOps methodologies demand other teams to stay aligned to security in their DevOps journey!

Is your organization DevSecOps ready?

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