AWS DevOps Services – Drive your DevOps Journey with AWS Seamless Flow

By Veritis

AWS DevOps Services

AWS DevOps Consulting Services

Continuous innovation, timely release and seamless services are the three key aspects that decide the success and competitive edge of a company in the today’s IT business race.

In this fast-changing trend, gaps among teams in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) can no more be a hindrance factor.

It’s the DevOps process that changed the scenario as a whole, bringing in a new pace of progress in planning and executing tasks at a speed the industry demands.

Once achieving the speed and innovation rate, the next thing is ensuring ‘seamless services’. That’s where Amazon Web Services (AWS) arrived as a savior.

The AWS DevOps combination proved that faster rate of product innovation and release, coupled with seamless functioning and services, is definitely a success story!

AWS DevOps best practices in place can help you:

  • Effectively provision and manage infrastructure
  • Gauge infrastructure performance on a regular basis
  • Easily deploy application code
  • Build and deliver products with high reliability
  • Automate software releases
  • Monitor applications round the clock

Knowing how AWS-DevOps services achieve this is much more interesting! Let’s dive into see how these two services operate as one!

AWS Add-on to DevOps Path

AWS Add on to DevOps Path

Following features describe how supportive can AWS be in achieving success through DevOps implementation:

  • Easy Start: All you need to get started with AWS is just having an account with it, and you may not require any additional setup
  • Fully Managed: AWS fully-managed services take care of operating infrastructure. Leave it to AWS resources quicker and continue to focus on core product
  • Highly Scalable: Manage to scale from single instance to thousands of them with flexible compute resources offered by AWS and avail easy provisioning, configuration and scaling benefits
  • Customize: Enjoy the flexibility of using every available service using the AWS Command Line Interface or APIs and SDKs. Declarative AWS CloudFormation templates can also help you model and provision the available AWS resources, and your entire AWS infrastructure
  • Automate: Automate manual tasks such as deployments, container management, development and test workflows and manage configurations easily with AWS automation service provisioning
  • Secure: Get the best out of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) in setting your permissions and policies to gain control over resource allocation and access
  • Wide Base: AWS has a large number of business associates in its partnership bank, which helps one expand their business services beyond limits. One can choose from third-party and open source tools with AWS, and develop an end-to-end solution.
  • Pay-As-You-Go: AWS services offer you flexibility to use services as and when required, and only pay as you move onto them. One can forget about prior payments, termination penalties or long-term contracts with AWS. AWS Free Tier is there to help you out.

What more? Get AWS and tap the full potential of your AWS-backed DevOps process.

AWS DevOps Toolchain

Empowering DevOps Through AWS

Empowering DevOps Through AWS

AWS provides you services that make your DevOps journey successful than ever. Automate manual tasks, manage complex environments with high scalability and give due boost to your DevOps engineers, all possible with AWS in place.

AWS performs at its best in dealing with DevOps tools. Let’s take a snapshot of DevOps tooling by AWS:

1) Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Develop a continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline across the process chain using:

  • AWS CodePipeline for Software Release Workflows
  • AWS CodeBuild for Build and Test Code operations
  • AWS CodeDeploy for Deployment Automation
  • AWS CodeStar for Unified CI/CD projects

2) Micro Services

Enjoy the benefits of micro services architecture with effective usage of containers and serverless computing, with:

  • Amazon Elastic Container Service for Production Docker Platform
  • AWS Lambda for Serverless Computing

3) Infrastructure as Code

Manage your AWS infrastructure resources effectively using code and templates:

  • AWS CloudFormation for Templated Infrastructure Provisioning
  • AWS OpsWorks for Chef Configuration Management
  • AWS Systems Manager for Configuration Management
  • AWS Config for Policy as Code

4) Monitoring and Logging

Get the real-time monitoring of infrastructure performance and save logs:

  • Amazon CloudWatch for Cloud and Network Monitoring
  • AWS X-Ray for Distributed Tracing
  • AWS CloudTrail for Activity and API usage Tracking

5) Platform as a Service

Easily deploy web applications without worrying about infrastructure management and application stack:

  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Running and Managing Web Apps

6) Version Control

AWS provides you with the secure, highly-scalable Git repositories in the cloud:

  • AWS CodeCommit for Private Git Hosting

With all its features in place, one can gauge how effective AWS-DevOps can be for an IT organization.

Choosing a Right Service AWS DevOps Service Provider

As you realize the benefits of AWS DevOps combination, the real quest begins for a right consulting partner.

Considering the wide expertise in dealing with good number of clients from various verticals, Veritis holds due potential in offering AWS and DevOps Consulting services that match your business requirements.

Veritis AWS DevOps Offerings

Veritis AWS Devops Offerings

We have designed our offerings after a careful analysis of business processes, market trends and customer preferences. Below are our AWS DevOps service offerings:

1) AWS Assessment Services

We design a cloud deployment strategy that helps you make the most of your AWS experience. Veritis team of cloud experts will perform a complete assessment of your existing infrastructure and automation setup, understand the differences between the existing framework and the desired outcome, and create an action plan aimed at remedying the current scenario.

Our team will assess your existing monitoring practices on AWS and enlists tools that deploy DevOps operational benefits to your business.

2) AWS Migration Services

Our Migration services are designed to ease your AWS Migration process. Veritis team of experts can migrate your entire workload setup including applications and databases to AWS, from a current cloud platform or on-premise center.

Experience lasting up-time and optimal performance with our hassle-free AWS migration services! Besides, we also offer capacity expansion, disaster recovery failover and governance as part of our AWS migration services.

3) DevOps on AWS Cloud

Our ‘DevOps on AWS Cloud’ services enable you to automate your delivery pipeline throughout the cycle. With more than a decade-long experience of working with DevOps on AWS, we have created some complex cloud architectures on Amazon Web Services. Besides, we have also developed in-depth expertise in provisioning distributed application systems using DevOps over the cloud.

4) AWS Managed Services

With infrastructure as the center of focus, we have a range of tailored AWS managed services that help you make the most of your organization’s infrastructure including:

  • Performance Optimization
  • Cost Optimization
  • Security Management
  • Monitoring
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud and Operational Architecture
  • Managing OS Updates

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