Assess, Evaluate and Measure Your RIMS Pros, Cons and Challenges

By Veritis

RIMS - Remote Infrastructure Management Services

In an age where everything is being designed to propel business success, why should entrepreneurs be concerned about IT infrastructure management?

RIMS comes to the rescue when owners are tired of catering to the different problems associated with infrastructure management, especially when an organization has different branches at several different locations.

With its features of easy and centralized monitoring maintenance and greater coordination, RIMS gives CIOs and IT personnel complete control over an organization’s infrastructure.

Some of RIMS advantages and disadvantages:

  • Enables Infrastructure Customization: Organizations can take full advantage of RIMS customizable nature. Owners can choose the required services to match organizational need and what services can be outsourced
  • Reduce Costs on IT Personnel: The carefully orchestrated infrastructure services eliminate the need for employing multiple IT personnel and in turn reduces costs on outsourcing
  • A Team of Responsible IT Personnel: The right RIMS providers are available to assist with downtimes and other issues 24/7, with a dedicated bunch of IT persons for individual accounts
  • Say Goodbye to Restructuring: Now any glitches in infrastructure will not require recreating the entire framework. Address infrastructure loopholes through patch management and upgrades
  • Immediate Grievance Redressal: Minimize system downtimes and dependence on internal resources with 24/7 system availability and uptime improvisations. RIMS providers network with multiple service providers which ensures business continuity through network availability and round-the-clock server uptime
  • Stay Constantly in Touch with Innovation: RIMS puts you in touch with some of the latest technologies so you conduct fast-paced business with ease

Remote Infrastructure Management Services Advantages


  • Customized Approach Blocks Foresight: While having a customized approach may solve the problem temporarily, it may not serve an organization for the long run. Any scope for customizing the infrastructure for future infrastructure glitches is restricted
  • No Room for Business Innovation: When an organization opts for complete remote infrastructure, its software requirements are tailored according to suit the infrastructure. This may limit the scope and increase the time taken to develop new software for specific business needs. This can impact business innovation, especially important software that can propel the business.
  • Carefully Considered SLAs: Service Level Agreements should be carefully prepared with specific clauses that ensure timely infrastructure updates and regular audits. It is crucial that are SLAs are designed to ensure the safety of the organization’s security and privacy

Considering RIMS Services?

Here are some points to evaluate.

  • It is important to remember that every provider offers a range of services as per the client’s need. So, every entrepreneur has to first assess its needs and consider an approximate estimate on the costs incurred
  • RIMS success equals good network connectivity + provider/user communication. So, it is essential to engage a RIMS provider that is available 24/7 to address any infrastructure concerns

Some RIMS Challenges to Consider:

  • RIMS providers need to have a sharp focus on the client’s organizational policy, as RIMS should address the organizations concerns rather than create new ones. Organizations need to be careful while choosing one
  • As mentioned above, it important to check vendor credibility and accordingly assess the requirement for a single vendor or multi-vendor system
  • Some key points to consider while choosing your vendor, reputation, the area of expertise, support, and dedicated customer support. It is wise to consider a vendor background-verification with customers in the same area of specialization as your own.

Considering all the pros and cons of Remote Infrastructure Management Services and assessing aspects like cost investments and vendor credibility will land you churning out the billion dollars of your business.

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