6 Ways DevOps Promises ‘100% Customer Satisfaction’

By Veritis

DevOps Customer Satisfaction

The IT industry is riding on fast-paced development and innovation, thanks to the ever-evolving technologies that made this possible.

Over the period, IT advancements have changed the way business functions, making technology key to the mainstream process.

This has advanced further and today, technology and process are together and one for the other.

Meanwhile, the other side, the customer approach towards businesses and their products are a step ahead. In fact, customers think faster than businesses.

So, meeting the customer demand ‘on time’ and ‘at a faster pace’ is the crucial aspect of any business success and to remain competitive.

What makes this possible? And, the answer that resonates is ‘DevOps’!

Over the period, DevOps has proved its ability to transform and fasten the SDLC process through improved flexibility, high automation, faster deployment fast-paced delivery, reduced time to market and improved productivity.

Because of these reasons, DevOps is a savior for many organizations striving to maintain market dominance and win ‘100% customer satisfaction’.

Achieving Customer Satisfaction with DevOps

Following 6 factors tell you how organizations achieve customer satisfaction and desired ROI with DevOps:

6 Factors Customer Satisfaction And Desired Roi With Devops

1) Faster Customer Response

Customer is the king of any organization in the current competitive world. Any delays in response to customer feedback or customer concerns will only increase the chances of customers switch to other services or a close competitor. This eventually hits the consumer base.

Organizations embracing DevOps can have this issue addressed through a well-integrated and frequent feedback loop mechanism. This helps you make updates, release upgrades, make changes or recover from failure at a faster rate before customer satisfaction is hit.

2) Faster Delivery Cycles

Delayed process chain hit by infrastructure failures and resulting in a longer time to delivery are the days of the past. Now, in the DevOps world, releases and innovation happen at a faster rate, with the early customer reach-out time as the ultimate business objective.

As a process, repetitive tasks are automated, routine tasks are eliminated and processes are streamlined to keep the software delivery chain alive all the time. This is resulting in a faster rate of innovation and more product releases in shorter timeframes. Faster delivery cycles are made easier with DevOps!

3) Low Product Pricing

Given the shorter timeframes required for small product releases, the cost factor should not be a big concern. DevOps exactly facilitates this. The shorter production, operation, delivery and feedback cycles demand less costs minimizing the overall spend on product development. This reduced development costs reflect in lower pricing at the customer side. This eventually makes the customer happy and engaged for further releases.

4) Stable Environment with CI/CD

DevOps Continuous Integration/Continuous Development cycles make this possible. The CI/CD cycles promise a stable operating environment and faster resolution to production requirements. CI/CD cycles minimize lead times, mean time to recover and facilitates more frequent releases, ultimately leading to customer satisfaction.

5) Quality Testing

From integration to staging, automated testing in DevOps makes the testing process easier, faster and responsive. Automation ensures quality product testing by catching issues early avoiding the chances of bug entry into production. This ultimately reduces costs incurred for product releases.

6) Reduced Costs

Return on Investment (ROI) with DevOps is both cost-driven and value-driven. The ability of faster discovery and delivery to the customer are the key benefits that the DevOps model offers. This eventually saves costs, time and resources that can be reused to discover new customers and also focus on more value delivery to the existing customers.

DevOps superior delivery capabilities helps organizations continuously deliver valuable new products and features, satisfying customers, employees and investors too.

DevOps Implementation Approach

DevOps Implementation Roadmap

In Conclusion
There are many ways that a DevOps model can help you achieve ‘100% customer satisfaction’. Wait no more! Meet the full DevOps potential that can get you a strong customer base.

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