5 Cloud Computing Benefits to Automotive Industry

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5 Cloud Computing Benefits to Automotive Industry


Cloud computing has transformed the functioning in many industries driving innovation and increasing the pace of business continuity.

Digital revolution, supported by the smart revolution, contributed to the cloud trend making even the mission-critical solutions simpler and effective.

This is evident everywhere, from smart devices to witnessing large-scale operations at a manufacturing unit. Everything is available on-demand, the core aspect of cloud computing technology.

Automotive has been one industry known for its quickness in adopting any new technology that hits the market.

Cloud computing has a very crucial role in transforming the automotive industry.

Here are a few ways that cloud computing has been adding to the growth of the automotive industry:

1) Cost Reduction

The first and foremost benefit that the cloud environment offers is with regard to ‘maintenance’. Onsite IT hardware naturally costs more in terms of power usage, labor and regular maintenance activity. Whereas, cloud puts it all onto the shoulders of a service provider, cutting down your maintenance costs.

It’s your cloud computing service provider responsible for your system upkeep by way of regular monitoring, updating and more to keep your business running. Moreover, you can only pay for what you use in a cloud environment.

2) Complex Infrastructure

Automotive sector involves high-level operations, both technically and non-technically. As a combination of high-level engineering tasks, analytics and wide dealer networks, auto industry demands scalability for business continuity and strong infrastructure support. You might require additional storage and resources at times, and limited timeframes for bringing things to reality. Cloud platform tackles these effectively.

3) System Performance

Infotainment systems and GPS services might require continuous data flow and uninterrupted network service. Moreover, a lot of research is underway to make vehicles smarter and run on machine intelligence. All these definitely require uninterrupted services, continuous information flow and on-demand readiness of systems. Cloud makes it possible!

4) Security and Risks

Given the continuous availability and monitoring by service providers, cloud definitely offers the security advantage by considerably bringing down the risk of failures and breakdowns. Moreover, frequent data backups ensure critical information is not lost in case of sudden failures. Cloud experts perform regular system trials to meet changing user demands.

5) Safe Environment

Keeping data safe is one key aspect of cloud computing. Cloud providers do so by initiating regular backup sessions, thus avoiding possible risks to the data. Thus, the cloud environment also saves costs, which could be a huge loss in case of any serious system breakdown.

There are many such ways that cloud computing technology can help the automotive industry.

Do You Know?

The automotive cloud-based solutions market is estimated to touch USD 66.95 billion revenue, at a CAGR of 19.88% by 2022. By region, Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest-growing market, followed by North America and Europe.

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